ALGARVE - 27/06/2015 - Honeymoon Day 01

Day One of marriage? Why, full English breakfast of course...

Nana Bronwyn, Auntie Carol, Uncle Mike, Jordan, Sonny, & Marika - Thank you all! xxx

Although the food at Manchester airport leaved a lot to be desired. After a long flight and a long drive, our first night ended with non-alcoholic beer (bought 'accidentally' by Hazel) drank on the lovely outdoor balcony in the moonlight in the lovely apartment we had in the Algarve... Turns out buying from a petrol station in the middle of the night means you get slim pickings...

We also realised that we had accidentally packed a photograph of our niece Lily in with our travel documents! So in a rather nice way, we ended up taking Lily with us on our entire trip!

Later albums will make it much clearer, but we really must shout out to Auntie Jill and Uncle Eric for the incredibly generous gift of an entire luxury apartment for a week! The apartment was stunning, set in Porto Dona Maria, near Luz. (I will follow up with a link soon to the apartment website should any of you want to take our recommendation and book!)

So, a short but sweet introduction to our Honeymoon adventure!