ALGARVE - 03/07/15 - Honeymoon Day 07

Hangover cured by Brazilian BBQ. Of course!

Reema & Matt! Mike & Angharad! xxx

I'm pretty glad to say that Day 7 was the only day in which I really suffered any severe hangover. It was getting close to the end of our time in Portugal and so we had obviously gone to town a bit! I was suffering more than Hazel and spent most of the morning on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I wasn't really feeling hungry either (despite not having food the night before) and I wasn't even tempted by Hazel's Breakfast-Biscuit-Surprise (pictured; looks great doesn't it?) - However this all changed when we finally ventured out to the much recommended Brazilian BBQ.

At first we were daunted as we were the only people in this huge cavernous restaurant. But the owners quickly reassured us the food was good to go and we were treated to a non stop conveyor belt of grilled steaks, sausages, chicken wrapped in bacon, fries, black beans and rice. Funnily enough, I felt much better after that!

So apologies again for there not being many pictures of this particular day (I'm sure some video will turn up) but trust me; the food made this a highlight of the entire Algarve experience!