ALGARVE - 30/06/15 - Honeymoon Day 04

A Day without the camera. But with Dolphins, Beaches and a Burger bar?

Pete & Maria! Errol, Veena and Rayya! xxx


ALGARVE - 29/06/15 - Honeymoon Day 03

Day Three; Lagos, Tapas & Peri Peri!

Tom & Kerry! xxx


ALGARVE - 28/06/15 - Honeymoon Day 02

Day Two; exploring Luz, and a food festival!

Ian & Val! xxx



ALGARVE - 27/06/2015 - Honeymoon Day 01

Day One of marriage? Why, full English breakfast of course...

Nana Bronwyn, Auntie Carol, Uncle Mike, Jordan, Sonny, & Marika - Thank you all! xxx

Although the food at Manchester airport leaved a lot to be desired. After a long flight and a long drive, our first night ended with non-alcoholic beer (bought 'accidentally' by Hazel) drank on the lovely outdoor balcony in the moonlight in the lovely apartment we had in the Algarve... Turns out buying from a petrol station in the middle of the night means you get slim pickings...

We also realised that we had accidentally packed a photograph of our niece Lily in with our travel documents! So in a rather nice way, we ended up taking Lily with us on our entire trip!

Later albums will make it much clearer, but we really must shout out to Auntie Jill and Uncle Eric for the incredibly generous gift of an entire luxury apartment for a week! The apartment was stunning, set in Porto Dona Maria, near Luz. (I will follow up with a link soon to the apartment website should any of you want to take our recommendation and book!)

So, a short but sweet introduction to our Honeymoon adventure!


The Warhurst Honeymoon!

Hello, and welcome Friends and Family!

At the time of writing, we have been back from our honeymoon for almost seven weeks. It has taken that long for me to wade through 5902 photographs, of which a mere 3552 made the cut.

Many of you turned up to make our wedding day extra special, and all of the wedding pictures and videos will be up (eventually) at www.bit.ly/warhurstwedding and many of you also very generously contributed to our honeymoon fund.

 We had the most amazing time, and this website is an attempt to document this most epic of adventures. We managed to visit seven countries and twelve cities in just 27 days; all thanks to you. So, as a token of our appreciation, this blog will;

  • Reveal itself piece by piece, releasing a new photo album each day, one for every day of our honeymoon.
  • This means the honeymoon will unfold in real time!
  • Each blog post will also be sponsored by one of YOU!
  • We have randomly assigned our guests to a different blog post...
  • ...which means you will have to check back, each day, to see which post is yours.
  • All of this should buy me at least another month to finish off the wedding website!


 You know me (or should do by now) in that I would not do things normally. A standard website with all the pictures at once? Nah! And so I hope this gradual unfolding of our honeymoon adventure makes the telling of the stories just that little bit more interesting and exciting.

 If we haven't said it enough, THANK YOU. Hazel and I really did the most amazing day of our lives, followed by the most amazing month! We could not ask for better friends or family, and we feel very loved indeed.

So these Honeymoon blog posts are dedicated to all of you, and if I can echo the words of my best man, Captain Stephen Arthur Scott, may you all live long and prosper.

Love, Mr & Mrs Warhurst xxx