SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/11 - Day Ten

Fishermans Wharf, Union Street


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/10 - Day Nine

Muir Woods, Sausalito, Polk Street


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/09 - Day Eight

Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Washington Square Park


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/08 - Day Seven

The Embarcadero, Civi Center


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/07 - Day Six



SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/06 - Day Five

Fishermans Wharf, Telegraph Hill, Colt Tower, Washington Square Park (SF), Chinatown (SF), Moma (SF), Pier 39


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/05 - Day Four

Union Street, Golden Gate Park, Spreckets Temple of Music, Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences, Shakespeare Garden


Golden Gate Bridge

There are many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge...

...but this one is mine.

SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/04 - Day Three

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Circle Line Cruises, Golden Gate Bridge


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/03 - Day Two

Russian Hill, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Marina District, Fort Mason, Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, Ghirardelli Chocolate Marketplace, Polk Street


SAN FRANCISCO - 2012/11/02 - Day One

Arrival into San Francisco fairly late, and so there are no decent photographs of our arrival!

We got into a crowded minicab and had a drive through the City centre as the other passengers were dropped at their hotels. We were staying on Van Ness Avenue, on the corner of Union Street. This area was a little further North and closer to Fishermans Wharf.

Still, even though we had been awake for 24 hours in getting here, we still found time for a pint. They had Boddingtons on tap, and so to re-create what I did in NYC in 2007, I made it my first pint of the trip. Hazel and I quickly followed with an American wheat beer (Blue Moon I think?) complete with a slice of orange. After this, the Z's finally caught up with us and we went to bed to rest up ready for our adventure!